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The Best of 2022!

2022 was a busy year for the Two Birds crew, with many barn reclamations, builds, and installs; making this list was tricky to narrow down. Travelling and shipping products throughout both the province and the country, the Two Birds crew put on a lot of miles.

We have selected our Top 5 using different criteria, including design, number of likes the project received, and our teams experience. The projects below are the Two Birds Teams favorite from this past year.

This year started with a variety of projects, including the massive growth of the ceiling beam trend. We've found that the addition of ceiling beams has a wonderful impact on a room's design. Not only do they add a special touch of warmth and character, but they also give the homeowner a chance to show off their personality. And while they may not make sense in every space, we've found that they're perfect for an old farmhouse or a rustic cabin with high ceilings. In many cases, you'll spend less on ceiling beams than you would on lighting, which makes them a great way to add some light and charm to any space.

The barn door trend continued into the 2022 and still hold strong. 2022 brought bold colours, traditional styles and statements. Holding strong at number 4 is this new home kitchen anchored with a Vintage style Door in Black. This trend we see sticking around for the next few years for sure.

Wood beams and cabinets are a timeless combination. The natural texture of the wood is warm and inviting, but its rustic quality can make it seem imposing or even plain. Wood beams and cabinets can be a great choice for those looking to add some texture to their space. Including them in a modern way provides interest in a way that we have not seen reclaimed wood yet. The reclaimed wood provides an organic feeling to any room. Wood beams and cabinets can be a great choice for those looking to add some texture to their space without sacrificing style.

This kitchen is small, but its owner has made the best of the limited amount of space. The use of reclaimed wood in the cottage-style top and shelving brings a warmth to the room that adds a lot to the atmosphere and aesthetic. The piece with the most character is the island, which not only has a unique look but also functions as an eating surface and a workspace.

While most commercial spaces are still going for a modern look, the kind of style that leaves you with a sense that the building was built yesterday, some companies are finding ways to incorporate their own personality into their building. In addition to a standard metal or glass front, this bakery uses real wood, giving it a more rustic and friendly feel than most other shops in the area. It's just one example of how storefronts can be designed to reflect the kind of service and product you'll find inside.

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