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Installing a Mantel - what you need to know

When it comes to installing a fireplace mantel, one crucial decision homeowners often face is whether to install the mantel before or after the stone surrounding the fireplace. While both approaches are feasible, there are compelling reasons why installing the mantel first is the ideal choice.

Why Install the Mantel Before Stone?

  1. Easier Installation: Installing the mantel before the stone allows for a smoother and more straightforward installation process. With no obstructions in the way, the mantel can be precisely positioned and securely attached to the wall.

  2. Accurate Measurements: Installing the mantel first ensures accurate measurements for the surrounding stone. This helps to avoid any discrepancies or gaps between the mantel and the stone, resulting in a more polished and professional finish.

  3. Flexibility in Design: By installing the mantel first, homeowners have the flexibility to choose the size, style, and placement of the mantel without being constrained by the dimensions of the stone.

  4. Seamless Integration: Installing the mantel first allows for seamless integration between the mantel and the stone, creating a cohesive and visually appealing focal point for the room.

Impact of Installing Stone Before Mantel

While it is possible to install the stone before the mantel, there are some drawbacks to this approach that homeowners should consider:

  1. Limited Design Options: Installing the stone before the mantel can limit the homeowner's design options, as they may be restricted by the dimensions and placement of the stone.

  2. Difficulty in Installation: Installing the mantel after the stone can be more challenging and time-consuming, as it requires cutting the stone to fit around the mantel and may require additional support brackets.

  3. Increased Cost: Installing the mantel after the stone can also result in higher installation costs, as it may require additional labor and materials to accommodate the stone.

In conclusion, while it is possible to install the stone before the mantel, it is generally recommended to install the mantel first for a smoother installation process, accurate measurements, and greater design flexibility. By taking this approach, homeowners can ensure a seamless integration between the mantel and the surrounding stone, creating a stunning focal point for their living space.

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