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If you have a barn or building that you would like removed, we would be happy to assist. Here is some information to get us started:

  • Fill out the 'I Want My Barn Removed' form below.

  • We will contact you to arrange an on-site assessment.

  • During the assessment, we will discuss the project and provide you with a contract that outlines your obligations as well as ours.

  • There is a fee associated with barn reclamation - talk to our team of specialists for details

Your Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all utilities are disconnected from the building prior to the start date (this includes power, gas and water).

Our Responsibilities:

  • Dismantle and remove salvageable material.

  • Clean up the waste materials in the provided disposal.


Utilities on Site
Site Photo

Thanks for submitting your request. You will be hearing from us shortly!

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