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From Raw Lumber to Milled Wood

Once in the workshop, our reclaimed wood sits for about a week to acclimatize to its new interior humidity. This ensures that the wood we use for your Two Birds product shrinks before we work with it and not after it is in your house.

The lumber then gets allocated to a specific project and undergoes at least 5 different processes before we can use it.

If the wood is being used for a barn door, it will first be sliced into thinner veneers which produce 2 ‘outside’ pieces and a few ‘inside’ pieces. Whether we use the inside or outside pieces will depend upon which of our 20 finishes has been chosen.

From there, the veneers are planed down to an exact thickness, straightened, and cut to length. It is only then that we can use the veneers and start to build your door!

If you're interested in having us start a project for you, you can request additional information here --> Get An Estimate | Two Birds Furniture | Okotoks

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