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From Barn to Barn Door

In its truest form, a barn door is the door of a barn. But somewhere along the way, home décor has adopted this term to mean a door that looks like a barn door but utilized in a house.

But did you know that a barn door built from Two Birds really came from a barn!

This is the story on how lumber reclaimed from old end-of-life barns and buildings makes its way into your home.

The entire process starts with a methodical barn tear-down designed to salvage and utilize as much lumber as possible. Once on the ground, we sort through the material, rescuing all that is usable and disposing of the rest.

From there, the spoils of our tear down are transported back to our storage yard for further processing.

Back in the yard, all the wood is painstakingly de-nailed, cleaned up and then sorted into inventory piles where it will sit and wait for its next big move into our shop for acclimatization.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – From Raw Lumber to Milled Wood

If you're interested in having us start a project for you, you can request additional information here --> Get An Estimate | Two Birds Furniture | Okotoks

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