Why custom design is your best friend

Ever spent your time daydreaming about finally tossing out that kijiji dining set that is no longer socially acceptable as you approach your mid 30’s?  Have your children recently left the nest and you can finally replace your living room furniture without the fear of it being ruined? Or maybe you are a business looking to spice up your current work-space or a home builder looking to re-model a show home? Regardless of your situation, Two Birds Furniture has you covered – so you can let your dream design come to life while leaving the dirty work in the hands of the expert staff!

Step 1: Meet with our design team

Not an overly savvy designer? Not a problem – our design specialists Robyn and Raveigh are available to guide you through the process and ensure that your creation turns out exactly how you imagined. From the initial blueprints to the layout and the finishing details, they are there to provide expert advice and tips along the way.

Step 2: Submit your design to our manufacturing team 

Would you consider yourself a not-so-handy man? There’s no shame in that! Our experienced manufacturing team will utilize their wood working skills and expertise to bring your 2D creation to life through innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Step 3: Watch your design come to life 

Now is the time to sit back, mix that refreshing cocktail and watch as your dream creation unfolds into a beautiful furniture piece, crafted specifically for your unique space and style.

Change your mind on a stain color or a fabric print early on in the process? Not a problem – we cater to the needs of our clientele so we are more than happy to make minor adjustments along the way.

Step 4: Direct our installation team so that your design fits perfectly in your home

You may not be the next host of your own reality home building show but hey… no one can knock you for that because let’s be honest, it is highly ambitious. That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to know your limitations and allow our professional installation team to take on the grunt work of delivering your new and exciting home interior.

With a process this easy, why settle for cookie cutter IKEA furniture, when you can have your personal flare translate into your custom furniture and design? We look forward to meeting you!

Need proof that the process is as fun and painless as we describe? Check out one of our valued customers testimonials below: 

“We recently renovated an old farmhouse just outside of Calgary and were looking to put some vintage, rustic elements in our home. 2 Birds had exactly what we were looking for and were willing to customize everything for our space.

We started with an 8’ mantle for over our