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We <3 Sustainability

Sustainability and a love for Alberta history are at the heart of every project we do!

We use barnwood for a myriad of reasons. But our two favorites being the sustainability of reusing wood, and second, continuing the legacy of the barns that our projects are built from.

Our wood is sourced primarily from old Alberta barns! The barns that we take down have reached the end of their life span as a useable, functional part of the farm or ranch that they've lived on and are ready for removal. Often times the barns have become a liability, and are no longer safe to keep.

But, that doesn't have to mean that the story of the barn is over! That's where we come in. Our Two Birds team will take photos of your barn, and then deconstruct it safely and quickly! On our trip out to the site, we especially love to gather the stories of the barn and hear the history behind the materials we're sourcing!

Often times the owners of barns will request to have a piece of furniture made from their barn wood. We love to do this kind of order, as it makes the project very special, and ensures that the barn's owner will always have a piece of that building in their lives. This piece of furniture becomes a reminder of the animals raised in the barn, the barn dances thrown inside, the litters of kittens that lived in it, and all of the calving seasons spent inside. For the owners of these barns, saying goodbye can often be bittersweet. And a piece of furniture can make that transition easier.

Additionally, we're passionate about reusing barn wood because it preserves our natural resources. Now, we're not against logging or the use of wood- by any means! But anytime you can reuse, you reduce. And we're happy to able to use materials for our projects that may have gone to waste, rotted, or have become obsolete.

If you're interested in having us take down your old barn, you can request additional information here -->


the Two Birds team

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