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Reclaimed holds its own

When buying wood furniture, there are several questions people will ask themselves before deciding on what kind of piece they’ll add to their home. Whether it’s colour, style or affordability, the one element that often gets mislead is the durability of a product.

The material straight from the sawmill and built into a furniture item although is new and built to size, it may not have its proper stability capabilities right away due to its maturation. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles and YouTube videos about the characteristics of certain wood, it’s still a living organism even after it has been turned into something else. It will still take time to accommodate into it’s new surroundings when indoors along with changes in season it will still change it’s shape, complexion and will expand and contract even once it leaves the manufacturing floor and eventually a store.

When contemplating a new or reclaimed piece of furniture, The debate of whether a reclaimed custom piece of lumber will hold its own like a brand-new piece from the store is actually very similar and potentially in favour of reclaimed due to it’s life experience. Just like in sports where it’s comparing a rookie with little experience battling against a seasoned veteran.

On a reclaimed piece of furniture when the material is procured  the wood has already been cut to shape and size in it’s original building whether it’s a barn, shed or even a fence board it has already taken shape and has been in all types of weather elements (especially Alberta) from intense heat, years of moisture accumulation and has the elasticity from years of swelling and compression so when it’s built to your custom specifications you won’t see a drastic change in the furniture’s characteristics as it already has gone through the motions and is already capable of forming to it’s environment quicker due to experience already.

So when you see a rustic piece of furniture and it looks weathered and maybe doesn’t look like it could hold to standards, just remember the old saying, “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”. Check out our new online order forms for custom furniture including barn doors and cladding and also take some time on our YouTube channel if you’d like to learn more about our wood selection and how to install or design your next project.

If you have any questions or want to hear more about we offer visit us at:

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