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Preparing for installation

Everything is ready to leave the Two Birds Shop from your barn door, hardware, cladding, tools and our team are on their way to your home to install your reclaimed furniture but here at Two Birds we want to make sure your installation process goes as smoothly as possible so we’ve got a few reminders to share with you on our way to your install.

  1. Give us contact information when scheduling an install. From a phone number to a lock box code can go a long way into a smooth start to the install.

  2. Make sure someone is home to let us in… This has happened more than you think, sometimes we’ve arrived at the install location and the door bell rings but there is no answer, if we can’t get in, we can’t install.

  3. Make sure the work area we’re in is clear and cleaned before we arrive. The last thing we need to hop over belongings of yours to do our jobs correctly and safely, we do provide drop sheets when we start our work and do a thorough clean-up, but when the space is clean before we arrive, we can make sure we dispose of our waste in a proper manner.

  4. Make sure pets are away from from our work or locked/gated in to avoid potential reactions. We love pets but they can be curious when you’re trying to work and operate tools and moving in and out of home. Please make sure doors are closed behind us, we make sure doors are closed when we enter and leave homes but if we’re carrying furniture in or loading up our tools etc. we don’t want your pets getting out if they’re not supposed to be out. We do have insurance coverage if something were to happen but we would like situations to never come to members of your family, big, small and furry.

  5. Make sure small children are away from us working. We love kids, we were kids we get their curious nature as to what we’re doing but all situations are different, if we’re moving furniture we don’t want to run into them if we can’t see and if for example we’re adding touch-ups to furniture we don’t want the little ones to get any stain or wax on their skin or potentially ingest the touch-up substances depending on the age of your child.

  6. For winter months, make sure sidewalks and drive ways are safe for us. We’re moving sometimes heavy furniture and can’t see or sense the ground if there’s ice and snow (we get it shovelling sucks) but if we fall we can injure ourselves and even damage your beautiful reclaimed furniture if it’s dropped due to ice and snow.

  7. Lastly once we’ve installed/delivered your furniture… Please have payment ready or arranged. We take e-transfers, cheques and have debit machines with us at all times. We won’t ask for payment until the install is complete and everyone is satisfied with the work done.

If you have other questions when it comes to home install and delivery, we’re always willing to answer your questions and if you have some specific needs on arrival, we’d be happy help the best we can. Be sure to find us at our Okotoks Location, online and on Social Media.

119 Fisher Street Okotoks, AB


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