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Owning A Piece Of History

It's hard to believe we've been tearing barns, sheds, granaries and other structures down since 2013 but even with our coveted term of "Barndownski" (You can get that on one of our t-shirts on our online store here.) It's always bitter sweet when we finish a procurement contract because we're preserving a part of Alberta's history in every piece we build.

Our latest barn was a monster of a barn that was starting to lose its structural integrity and with the expansion of many farming operations, some building unfortunately don't serve a purpose anymore and tearing them down is the only option sometimes. This particular barn had a special story line behind it. Famously known as the Two Dot Ranch on Timber Ridge heading out to Chain Lakes Provincial Park. It was owned by many including royalty, stories go back as far as 1897 but George Alexander of Ireland settled on the Dot Ranch and it was known as one of the largest ranches in the world at the time.

Next to own the ranch was Frederick Perceval, the 11th Earle of Egmont he lived on that ranch until he passed away in 2001.

The building itself had a few renovations in its time as the barn was originally just that, a barn for sheep and cattle, but over time the living quarters was developed later in 1934. How do we know this? Simple pencil marks by the carpenters who built it. It was discovered during our procurement so that was neat to see history as we procured it.

Another piece of history reared when we finally fell the barn when dismantling the roof boards, I found another inscription in another board that had a date of May 8, 1928. I saved that board but you think I could find it? Nope, so hopefully one day in our builds that board will be found and I can get framed for future reference.

This barn was very well kept and because of it's condition we were able to save almost 90% of the entire building because of it. So much quality, authentic wood came from this building and will be in your homes before too long!

With our products being reclaimed wood, we take pride and our customers who buy our products take a piece of history that can live on for another generation and that postcard that we get made for them can be a reminder of where it's come from and how significant these buildings were so many years ago.

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