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One Of A Kind Pieces Made From Reclaimed Trains

Bring the story home!

We are so excited to have Boxcar Top wood in the shop now! Each artisan piece is made locally in Alberta, and is a unique piece of functional art!

These incredible pieces of wood are sourced from reclaimed old rail cars that have traveled across North America. The line details across each plank tell a hundred-year-old story of cargo and pallets being drug across the floor of these rail cars.

Owning a table, vanity, or countertop made from Box Car Top is truly owning a piece of American history!

Every item made from Box Car Top is truly unique, and one of a kind. No two items will look exactly the same - and that’s the beauty of this material.

Choose from Maple, Oak, or Cargo wood!

Reclaimed Box Car Planks

Our reclaimed boxcar planks are all made from reclaimed from old rail cars that

Reclaimed Cargo Planks

Our reclaimed cargo planks are reclaimed from the floors in old semi-truck trailers! These trucks have traveled thousands of miles across North America! Each groove from hauling and dragging cargo across the floors many, many years ago.

Best wishes,

the Two Birds Furniture team

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