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Modern rustic alternatives in any home

Happy New Year Folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed the much needed R n R over the last 2-3 weeks, we certainly did and now it’s time for a new decade and a new opportunity to bring that Modern Rustic flare into your home.

We’ve had plenty of people inquire about our coveted barn doors but sometimes they don’t have the space for door in their space whether it’s the layout of their space or just limited backing in their walls where they’d be hung, but… have no fear we have a solution!

You can achieve these goals now as we are creating a barn door in a traditional door jam.

Depending where the doors are located a barn door can liven up a room with ease.

Natural Grey Door in a Jam with casing

Sometimes a door in a jam is just that, a door in a jam. For building some character from room to room, adding a reclaimed barn door in a jam can do the following.

Add Modern Rustic to your Home!

Simply put, replacing the traditional door with a reclaimed one can bring the subtle look of Modern Rustic without going over board and start a space entrance quite nicely with an elegant look.


Whether it’s a Sideways Chevron, Modern Style or tradition looks like a Cottage, Foothills or Heritage Door. A barn door in the jam adds excitement to what would just be another door anywhere else.

Dutch Door with Custom Colour


When you have doors in a jam pending whether it’s a hardwood or just basic material you really don’t have much choice, with our methods of colouring doors you can door your space up to a number of options.

Kitchen/Pantry Saloon Doors


It’s the roaring 20’s again, well not really but the chance to bring something back to life from the past like reclaimed wood and put your own modern spin on it.

If you have a door in jam idea or something else that could potentially work in your space, don’t hesitate to contact us, we want to make sure we bring the best product to you and everything up to par with your project. When it comes to doors in jam, the more communication the better.

Come visit us or contact us by any social media means possible.

19 Fisher Street Okotoks, AB


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