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Creative Uses for Ceiling Beams

Nowadays, ceiling beams can do more than just hold up a roof. Their versatility as a design element is something few people recognize and even fewer take advantage of.

Now that the summer projects are over, it’s time to turn the attention inwards and what better way than spicing things up with a ceiling beam. Here are a few ideas to inspire.

Accent Piece

Like a painting or piece of art, a ceiling beam provides a great way to add that something extra to a room. Adding this architectural feature in a room with higher ceilings brings added warmth into the space.

Shown in the photo to the right: hand hewn cased beam finished in a Tudor Brown


Balance Point

A ceiling beam is the perfect solution to making a large, open room feel warmer and balanced. By adding a beam directly in the vault creates a visual separation in this otherwise open floorplan.

Shown in the photo to the left: cased beam finished in a Weathered Fir


Architectural Farmhouse Accent

To add interest and warmth to a space that you are looking to create a cozy feel, the architectural beam adds visual interest to clean lined shiplap ceiling

Shown in the photo to the right: 2x8 architectural beams finished in a Tudor Brown


Dining Room Details

The formal dining room, full of natural light brings out a natural warmth and organic beauty from the beams installed above. Adding texture above a formal space adds and architectural interest.

Shown in the photo to the left: cased beam finished in a Natural Gre


Open Concept Living

The perfect solution for the older renovated home. Often , when renovating we are left with a bulkhead of old ducting. Rather than the traditional coverage of drywall, a added detail of cladding enhances the beam and adds interest to the space.

Shown in the photo to the right: reclaimed grey material


Cozy Cabin

An intricate pattern created with beams is a great way to showcase your lighting and add interest into your space.

Shown in the photo to the left: cased beam with tapered end details finished in a Tudor Brown


Two Birds is your go-to for stunning ceiling beams, hand-built from reclaimed lumber and guaranteed to fit your space.


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