Countdown - Best of beams

Our Countdown posts continue as had our Barn Doors kick off our award season at Two Birds Furniture but now onto the next category.

This year we saw plenty of beams be built on our various projects in 2019 and there are plenty in the running for this year’s title of Best of Beams.

We selected our Top 5 using different criteria from the number of visits to the installed photo, the number of likes it received and the overall look of the beams based on our team’s eye, so without further adieu here’s our nominees and winner.

5. Here, There & Everywhere

Kitchen & Living Room Beams, Reclaimed Fir Faux Beams

This new home in Calgary in the community of Discovery went with a Modern Farmhouse look for their Kitchen and Living Room vaulted ceiling. The colours shine with the rest of the house with the stone work on the fireplace while also blending with their selected cabinetry.

#4 Hold Me Tight

Reclaimed Spruce Cladded Beams

As you’re settling for a night watching movies with the kids or that special someone, these beautiful beams delivery the touch of rustic viewing while diving into that blockbuster film or repeated classic in this basement installation.

#3 How Do You Do It?

Reclaimed Fir 2×6 Board Beams

This stunning Master Bedroom went all out with their custom design beam pattern to work with their modern rustic aspirations for this new build near Cochrane.

#2 Come Together

Kitchen Reclaimed Fir Faux Beams

Vaulted Ceiling Beams were in high demand in 2019 and this kitche