Best of Two Birds Barn Door Countdown

Let the countdown begin again!

Two Birds Furniture is wrapping up another season of hard work, dedication and the creation of numerous projects for our clients big and small.

It’s our award season and we’re starting off with bang as we countdown our Top 5 Barn Doors made during 2020


We selected our Top 5 using different criteria from the number of visits to the installed photo, the number of likes it received and the overall look of the door based on our team’s eye, so without further adieu here’s our nominees and winner.

5. A set of barn doors not actually covering a doorway makes our list at number 5 as the client on this home didn't want blinds on his windows while have a conversation with family or watching the Flames game. These hayloft doors with matte black hardware really add character to this living room space.

4. This glass door set in a corner home office really makes working from home in 2020 shine! With our matte black hardware these classic glass doors make it to number four on our 2020 countdown.

3. A first in Two Birds history happened in 2020... we installed our first barn door in an actual barn! This stable door defines the character of this horse barn with a rugged outside while having a smooth inside into the barn's tack room, and galloping into our Top 3.

2. Our 2020 runner up goes to this Modern steel door into a front office, giving this particular client more room to work from home, whilst not being closed off from the rest of the home. We are loving the way the barn door trend is shifting this year.