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6 Areas to Use Shelving in Your Home

Everyone is short on space and wall shelves are a great way to meet that need in a stylish way. Here are six areas of your home that shine with the addition of a shelf or two.

Living Room

Your living room is the focal point of your home and wall shelves are a great way to add some extra space without detracting from the spotlight. Whether they surround your fireplace or are mounted in a few strategic locations around the room, shelves are a guaranteed win.


Who can’t use more kitchen space? Wall shelves are the perfect way to hold smaller items that often don’t find a proper home or highlight a few items of special importance to you.

Coffee Nook

Coffee is near and dear to many of us. Why not make that magical moment extra special with the addition of a coffee nook to house everything at the ready for your morning ritual?


Bathrooms are the workhorse of the house and often don’t get the adornment they deserve. Upscale your nightly bubble bath with a well-placed shelf for candles and more.


Who wouldn’t love a little extra room to display those special keepsakes and mementos? Wall shelves keep everything off the floor and magically transform a room.


The basement (aka man cave) is the perfect spot to throw up some beams. What man wouldn’t be proud to display his bar collection on some rugged shelving hanging prominently behind his bar?

Whether floating or, as trends are heading, supported by a J bracket, wall shelves are a great addition to just about any room.

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