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Why choose barnwood?

Feeling uninspired by your homes current lack of creativity? Check out the top 4 reasons to choose recycled barn wood to bring your interior design visions to life!

1.) Authenticity 

The authenticity of reclaimed wood is shaped over a lifetime of exposure to the natural elements. Each divot, crease or color variation tells a narrative that is unique to its own. Archival in nature, these materials are re-purposed to produce furniture that preserve a chapter of history that may otherwise be forgotten.

2.) Sustainability 

Procuring recycled materials to manufacture custom furniture yields a more advanced level of environmental conscientiousness.  Through re-using these materials, forests can remain intact and grasslands can be cleared to increase the area for livestock grazing and crop growth, thus promoting the success of a sustainable agricultural sector, while protecting the forests that act as a home to many of the local wildlife.

3.) Resilience 

Unforgiving environmental exposure allows the wood to develop a strong resistance to potentially damaging external factors. As such, these materials are less likely to warp or crack under variable temperatures and circumstances, making them a sturdy alternative to brand new wood.

4.) Contemporary 

Vintage is in – and there is no denying that barn wood has the capacity to add that desired rustic charm to any space. Whether you are looking for a feature wall to spice up your family room, or you want to make a grand entrance with beautifully reclaimed french doors – you will not find a better material than barn wood. It’s distinct character makes it appealing to home owners, interior designers and builders alike!

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