When is the right time?

As we embark on another spring season, the snow has melted, temperatures are starting to be bearable and it’s time to start planning your next home project.

At times we have incredibly eager clientele that want our products as a elegant touch to their homes but sometimes in the fast paced busy lifestyle that we live we can get stuck in the “I need it now” or “I needed it yesterday” and then sometimes there’s situations where we come in too soon on a project or potentially too late pending on what stage you’re in whether it’s a new home or renovation.

We’ve compiled a simplified guide with our four of our five common Modern Rustic products where we’ve seen scheduling conflicts.

Barn Doors

When Should You Have Yours Installed:

Barn Doors are a finished product that doesn’t involve collaboration of working with utility trades so your Barn Door can wait until theFinal Stage ,Right before the cleaners come in or just before final paint touch ups.

Why Do We Recommend This?To insure no other trade damages the door or scuffs the finishes on hardware. This also prevents people from sliding the door incorrectly/ exuberantly and/or pulling on the handles and potentially loosening the screws or damaging the handles. Lastly it allows the door to come into a humidity controlled environment to prevent shrinking, swelling and/or warping.  

** Please Note Also** Backing is required for these installs and recommend using 2×10 to allow for ideal track placement.


When Should You Have Yours Installed:

Mantals must be installed during the Second Stage of finishing.BEFORE tile or other cladding is installed.

Why Do We Recommend This?To insure the other trades product can cover any minor inconsistencies along the walls and seems that can and will occur with reclaimed products.

**Backing** isnot requiredfor these installs but is recommended.


Bracket Shelving

When Should You Have Yours Installed:Bracket Shelving should be installed Final stage of finishing. AFTER paint or tile is installed.

Why Do We Recommend This?Bracket Shelves can be added or subtracted from a job easily and to insure no other trade damages the product or scuffs the finishes on hardware.

**BACKING** is not required for these installs but is preferred as drywall anchors can only support so much weight.

Our material thickness varies from 1.5” – 3″

Floating Shelves: