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Unleash the DIY in you

It’s hard to believe we’re already into the fifth or sixth week of when everything we knew had changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but here we are. All we can say here is at Two Birds Furniture is hang in there!

It’s hard for our clients, customers and friends to come see us at the shop but these are the times we live in… for now, and I want to emphasize that greatly. Bad times are exactly like they’re said, it’s a period of time not forever and we will be here for you when things get better and they will! When life seems to return to some kind of normalcy, Hank will finally do some work around here and be ready to greet you once again.

We are still open to the best of our abilities, online sales are available as our online forms are readily available with instructional videos if you get stuck and we can get back to you quickly. We’re open to any lines of communication and will go the extra mile in these uncertain and frustrating times.

For this month’s blog post we wanted to help you all become DIY skilled in certain projects that you can do from home. If you’re not working you’ve probably played enough video games, watched enough streaming services and taken as many walks as possible to fight off boredom. So we’re here to help you keep your brain moving, everyone else is working on a new skill set or just have the sense of accomplishment while you’re stowed away in your home.

Feature Walls

DIY Feature Wall Cladding (Client Submission)

Literally the first day of when physical distancing came into effect for us, we had a local family contact us for a family project using our wall cladding. We prepped the material, finished it in their select colour, wrapped it up and they came and picked it up. The job turned out perfectly and the family learned how to use tools safely, using math and reading a tape measure (very important life skill BTW). All you need is the following tools which you can rent or borrow from a neighbour if possible. A brad nail gun (18 gauge recommended), 1.5″ long brad nails, mitre saw, screw driver, hand plane or table saw, air compressor & air hose, ladder (if necessary). You’ll also need to be careful with these tools so safety glasses, hearing protection and floor protection, (drop sheets or blanket).

Calculate the length and the width of your wall to determine your total square footage when ordering so we make enough material and additional for extra material in case of human error (it happens, we always add around 10 extra square feet)

Time to Install! Depending on what sizes your pieces will be, beginning installing your feature wall starting from the top of the wall to the bottom using your brad nail gun, compressor and air hose. Cut clean ends on your boards so everything lines up accordingly. Continue this process through the whole install. when you reach your final row, you may need to use a hand plane or if you have a table saw to cut the edges to the final measurement you have to complete the wall. Make sure your pieces are tight together when placing on the wall, do one row at a time.

*Depending if your wall has outlets for TV’s/Power you will need a multi-purpose cutting tool to cut out the space big enough to fit the outlet.

Shelving and/or Mantels

Another DIY project order that has been created by Two Birds Furniture during the pandemic has been cased/floating shelves and mantels

We provide everything needed for the install which includes cleats for the mantel and shelves which you install first before attaching the rest to the wall.

Make your measurements for your shelves and mantel. Thickness, depth & length.

What you’ll need is the following, calking gun, construction adhesive (PL brand), three inch screws, power drill or impact drill with a Robertson #2 bit. Level & a stud finder. Additional items needed, 1.5 inch screws if you’re installing with shelf brackets. Dry wall screws may be necessary if your wall studs aren’t close enough together.

Time to Install!

Locate the studs on your wall with your stud finder and mark them accordingly. Once you’ve found the studs, install your cleats into where you’re hanging the shelf or mantle, make sure your mantel cleat is laying flat on the wall. Install the first side of the cleat then use your level to hang the other side properly. Once installed, add adhesive to the top & sides of the cleat and bottom if necessary. Then slide your shelf or mantel on and screw the mantle on secure and snug so the glue properly stays on the wood and the shelf or mantel. Screw them down deep enough so you don’t see the screw and you’re done.

Client submission for Floating Shelves & Mantel installation

With these projects at home you can have another sense of accomplishment and own that unique look in your house then have a nice drink of your choice to celebrate the job well done.

If you’re planning a DIY project, we’re happy to help and walk you through these steps as well, because one project isn’t the same as others.

As mentioned before, as a local business we are open for business, online orders, emails and phone calls are accepted and encouraged during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on the following…


As always, continue to stay safe, healthy and more importantly stay strong! We’re all in this together and the good times will return!

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