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Oh The Vanity!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Welcome to our revamped website that is making life so much easier to navigate and most importantly, help serve you the customer, client and supporter better!

We did have this blog up before but during the transition process of our website it was lost in the switch from our old platform to the one we're using now but here's another line of products you may want to consider when adding that reclaimed wood look to your home.

Did you know that we make vanities? Over the past two years we have seen more people whether it's renovators, interior designers, builders or people coming into our showroom asking if we can build them one to their specific needs and the answer is always yes but what kinds do we offer at Two Birds?

Power Room Vanity

These vanities are perfect for a powder room which can come in a variety of styles including with storage options (doors or drawers), with or without a top depending what where the sink is going to be mounted (Under-mount or Vessel).

Main Bathroom Vanity

Bigger than a Powder Room Vanity but has more possibilities for storage and options with a larger size.

Master Bedroom Vanity

His & Her Sink options? You know it! plenty of storage space to fit the littlest or the largest of bathroom needs when getting ready for work or date night.

If you’re planning a Vanity project, we’re happy to help and walk you through these steps as well, because one project isn’t the same as others.

As mentioned before, as a local business we are open for business, online orders, emails and phone calls are accepted and encouraged during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on the following…


As always, continue to stay safe, healthy and more importantly stay strong!

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