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How to dismantle a barn

We’re well into Spring & Summer which means one thing around Two Birds Furniture… Procurement!

The birthplace of all our Two Birds products comes from the buildings we go and assess whether or not we can salvage as much material possible. The type of material changes from barn to barn which can vary from a number of factors.

When Was It Built? Where Is It Located? What Was The Building Used For?

Availability/Price of Material, will also play a factor into how a structure was built pending on its period in time of construction where you could see anything from Douglas Fir to different styles of Pine or what was readily available.

When going through our reclamation procedures there’s a number of steps we take when going through procurement.

How Do We Select Our Buildings?

We’ll look at the actual size of the building to see if there’s going to be a lot of material that’s in good condition. Is the building structurally sound? Safe for our procurement team? How is the accessibility on site for bringing equipment in and getting material out?

What Material Are We Looking For?

We look for a number of wood types and sizes when we eventually begin salvaging material. We’ll look for how much shiplap is on the siding of the building, floor joist condition, floor board planks and any other style of wood we can find and is in fair and workable condition (no rot, large cracks or broken pieces).

How Do We Make The Barn Fall?

Once we get all the material we can off the building, we strip the structure as much as humanly possible, we will observe how the building stands just on its wall studs along the border of the building, If it’s leaning a certain way, we’ll see if it’s a safe place to “land the building” if not we will pull the building when it’s vulnerable to the direction we need it to fall. When we do get the building on the ground it is done by cutting as many studs out and we’re able to tow the barn in the direction we want it fall and it’s the good old saying here at the shop… Barn-Down-Ski!!

Site Finalization

When the final board is salvaged and all unusable wood have been properly disposed of, whether it’s through a burn pit or dumpster container unit. We will run magnets alone the entire area that we were working in to pick-up as many nails as possible (We run the magnet where we’ve worked everyday while on sites to eliminate all potential nails). We work the original top soil to a nice clean look like we were never there and make sure our clients are satisfied with our clean-up efforts. See this before and after photos.

Millarville Barn Procurement April 2019

After Procurement

That’s just a quick glance at how we go through our procurement, every building is different and we always want to make sure we tell it’s story through its history from construction to procurement and that’s when we send all our clients and building hosts a postcard of a product’s origin.

If you have any questions or have a structure you would like want to hear more about we offer visit us at:

119 Fisher Street Okotoks, AB


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