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Face Mask Protocol

Re: Town of Okotoks Face Mask Bylaw

July 27, 2020

To Our Customers, Clients, Suppliers, Staff, Family & Friends

As we continue to push through and fight COVID-19 together, we want to update all of you on our stance on the proposed Town of Okotoks Face Mask Bylaw 28-20 “To require that masks be worn in indoor public spaces to limit the spread of COVID-19”.

We understand the concern from Okotoks Town Council and residents of the town ensuring their safety as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us in many ways we live our day to day lives. Therefor we have released our policy for the future of patrons coming into our facility as long as the COVID-19 virus is deemed a pandemic in Canada, the province of Alberta and the Town of Okotoks.

1. If you are wearing a mask, you are not feeling well or are wanting to protect yourself and others around you.

2. If you are not wearing a mask, you have deemed yourself to be in a good bill of health or have tested negative for COVID-19 through the province’s COVID-19 testing protocols.

3. We respect the Town of Okotoks decision whether to have or to not have face masks mandatory.

4. We value your rights & beliefs and no judgement or specified treatment will be altered when you arrive at our showroom if you choose or choose not to wear a mask.

5. If you are feeling sick, whether you are wearing a mask or not, a Two Birds staff member may ask you to keep your distance from them and you may be asked to leave to protect us from possible spreading of illness. Please refrain from coming in if you are sick, visit our online store at where you can inquire about any of our products or call us at 403-498-4517.

We are all in this battle to end COVID-19, which we will with everyone chipping in to do their part to return to a better normal.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time and continue to follow Alberta Healthcare protocols, wash your hands, practice physical distancing & wear a mask if you feel your safety is being compromised. This will pass and we will be better for it.


The Two Birds Furniture Team

Two Birds Furniture Inc.

119 Fisher Street, Okotoks, Alberta, T1S 1B5


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