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Custom is caring

As we’ve continued to grow our brand and our products, the inspirational ideas that our clients have, have grown as well and our team is always looking for a challenge in making your dreams a reality.

When taking a custom furniture order whether it’s tables, mantles, barn doors or unique furniture items like cabinets, hutches or wine racks, we take the time as a group from initial start-up to finalization to make sure we have every little detail down to the final brush stroke finishing or edge to square exactly to what you’ve ordered.

When working with raw barn wood material that we procure, allotting sufficient and dedicated manufacturing time and the most vital aspect of custom furniture… Quality Control, that can take a considerable amount time to make sure there no adjustments needed to be made when we arrive and install your furniture.

In the world where it seems there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done, it can be frustrating for customers to get their items as quickly as possible to get another item off the ongoing list that is life. You might want something and aren’t necessarily ready for it, there have been times for example where we’ve set-up an install and there has been jobs that didn’t have proper flooring in for our barn doors or the arranged installation which makes our job tougher to guarantee our work and customer satisfaction. There have been situations where potentially dealing with other trades (electrical, plumbing or drywall) on renovations or general construction where there is literally no room to accommodate everyone at the same time and a cramped work environment is a tough environment when working with modern rustic wood and can lead to delays in installation.

If you feel you’re in a bind and need help deciding when an installation is necessary, don’t hesitate to ask, even if we have your furniture ready, if there’s something you’re not sure about (family emergency, have to fill in at work or your house just isn’t ready for installation) it isn’t end of the world if your piece isn’t installed right away. We want to make sure you’re happy with the result and if less cluttered installation is needed, we’re happy to take more time at that point in your project to triple or even quadruple check our work.

“A person being “too busy” is a myth. People make time for the things that are really important to them!” ~ Mandy Hale

From the time of design, building and finishing Two Birds Furniture says it may take 8-10 weeks to a product to be fully completed… that’s our way of saying “Your product is important to us and we want to dedicate as much time to making it perfect.” Along with the queue of others receiving the same echelon of customer service.

When dealing with custom furniture, it isn’t a big box where the design, colour and availability is at your fingertips on a shelf. Every piece we make as it’s own character and authenticity and no piece is never duplicated. Great things take time which is sometimes hard decipher in this busy world of ours!

But one thing is a guarantee when your product is nestled comfortably into your home… if it isn’t something we’d want in our homes, we won’t install it until it’s perfect!

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