Countdown - Best of shelves

You’ve seen our best Barn Doors, Beams and Mantels of 2019, now it’s time place our best shelving projects in our latest countdown. Let’s not waste anymore time and get at it!

#5 Touch of Grey This shelving unit of three in an upstairs laundry room is the perfect way to add modern rustic to every day work in a busy household. Installed in the fall, the grey especially goes will with the counter top and cabinetry. Natural Grey Shelves with Custom Brackets

#4 Just Washing Up This solid shelving unit with three brackets per shelf in this custom home out west of Cochrane adds to the room’s entrance from the garage before heading to the family room or kitchen, what better way to clean-up after a hard day at work then by grabbing your soap and towels off a piece of modern rustic shelving. Brown shelving with custom brackets.

#3 Hey Bartender!!! These shelving units just shout out Modern Rustic with this downstairs bar along with Two Birds Wainscotting and rustic tin installed, the shelves holding your drink of choice this holiday season contrast with the stone work “behind the bar”. Floating shelves, custom size