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Countdown - Best of Feature Walls

We’ve made it! It’s our last countdown of 2019 of our best projects we’ve done this year. Barn Doors, Beams, Mantels, Shelving and now we’re showing off our top Feature Walls of 2019.

Without further adieu, let’s finish 2019 out with a bang!

#5 What An Entrance!

This natural grey feature wall spans into the front entrance of this new home in Northwest Calgary, the different grey tones and brown tinges in the material help bring a different element to this particular home.

Natural Grey Feature Wall

#4 Beer Me!

The custom cladding work that was supplied to a brand new business in the Sunalta area of Calgary really helps this custom craft beer liquor store bring out numerous characteristics that is both in the beer they carry from local brewers along with the locally reclaimed cladding that Two Birds Furniture was able to add to their space and tasting rooms.

Custom Reclaimed Cladding

#3 Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Our custom colour scheme for this new design showhome in South Calgary really gave us an opportunity to let our creativity shine through on this backdrop for a downstairs sink/bar set-up.

Custom Diamonmd Design Feature Wall

#2 Open Wide

This custom cladding job lead us to a new dental clinic opening in Medicine Hat where cladded everything in our popular brown tones making going to the dentist a little more enjoyable with some stunning views.

Custom Cladding

#1 Look Up!

This Chevron design was the perfect way to highlight the high ceilings in this home, we couldn’t have been more impressed with the design, the install and the final look it has on everyone in our top Feature Wall of 2019.

We made it folks! The Top Projects from Two Birds Furniture in 2019! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and are taking notes to what could potentially work in your space for your next project that could spell Modern Rustic!

On behalf of the entire team at Two Birds, we’d like to wish all of you a safe rest of the holiday season and look forward to what 2020 has in store for us and for projects!

If you have any questions or want to hear more about we offer visit us at:

119 Fisher Street Okotoks, AB


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