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Albertan History In The Making

Yes, this blog title may have been in reference to the Darius Rucker song, but for the sake of this article it is also the perfect metaphor to express the mission of Two Birds Furniture. As a company that values traditional craftsmanship and community development, our goal is to leverage historical buildings to create meaningful heirlooms that will reignite Alberta’s rich farming history. As we know, history is the foundation that propels the future and the tool that allows for deeper understanding and appreciation. It is with this preservation of history that we encourage dialogue among communities and foster the connection between generations. We believe that we have tapped into a unique and alternative way to express these stories.

Check out a few of the buildings donated to us by some of Alberta’s local farming legends:

Stanlake Family: Airdrie, AB

Built in 1907 by Olaf Kolstad of Airdrie AB, this barn was used for milk cows, draft horses and hay storage. In 1958 the property was sold to the Stanlake Family and transitioned into Airdrie Feeders. From 1958 up until 2012 it housed sick pens for John Stanlake’s daughters 4H cows. From 2012 until 2016 this historical landmark remained out of use. It was dismantled in October of 2016 after being generously donated by John Stanlake and family to be reused by Two Birds Furniture Inc.

The Paul Family: Dinton, AB

In 1912 the Paul family constructed this hip roof barn – designed specifically to provide shelter to their draft horses which they used to till and work the land. The lean-to edition was built shortly afterwards to accommodate the families milk cows.  In the 1960’s, the farm was sold to the Suitor family who re-purposed the barn to be used for calving and raising 4H livestock. In 1985 the farm was sold off to the Sanderson family who reverted the building back to its initial purpose – raising livestock for market. By 2000, the barn was no longer in use. Since then the building has been used for storage of various farm equipment until June of 2017 when Two Birds dismantled it.

The Depaoli Family: Cayley AB

This storage facility was reclaimed from an old granary constructed in the 1940’s. The building was generously donated by the Depaoli family of Cayley, Alberta and will be recycled to make unique and durable furniture for our valued clients.

The Duce Family, Granum AB

Expertly constructed by Jack Duce Senior in the early 1930’s, this ranch horse barn certainly withstood the test of time.  The building was used as a stable for the Duce family trick riders in Granum Alberta up until 1981. In 2015 the Duce sisters where inducted into the Calgary Stampede Hall of Fame for their contributions and successes. In 2015 this heritage building was donated to Two Birds Furniture by Jack Duce and his family.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of the community members and families in the local Alberta region. It is because of your generosity that we are able to fulfill our mission to recognize our historic farms and ranches through the creation of reclaimed heirlooms that will last for generations to come. To see some of the furniture creations that utilized these barns and buildings, check out our Instagram page at twobirdsfurnitureinc

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