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The evolution of barnwood

As we continue to procure and salvage more and more material from our buildings, we’re finding more optimal ways to expand and reuse our product when others can’t anymore.

From a simple cut-off to make that clean edge on our doors or thick enough milled pieces are once again being re-used to make something truly special and unique that follows our Modern Rustic goals in manufacturing.

From scrap to spectacular Two Birds Furniture has officially released our new barn wood tile collections. Using a variety of wood styles and following different wood grain patterns these tiles can really liven up one’s space big or small. These tiles work really well in a number of settings, imagine yourself at your kitchen island or breakfast nook and the cladding around where that first cup of coffee is being consumed while looking out at the picturesque sun rise and the rays are bouncing off a piece of western history to give that Modernized Farm House look.

Other areas where these tiles would fit in nicely is a portion of your ceiling in any room, the back splash on a sink/vanity combination or even washing dishes in the kitchen have that Farm House feeling before there was a dishwasher to do the heavy lifting.

So why are we adding this to our catalog of products when we’re already building barn doors, mantles, feature walls, shelving, custom furniture and more?

1. Environmental Responsibility

When we preserve something through our building procurement we want to make sure that building’s legacy is in tact and we’re able to tell its story over and over again in our tiles and we’re not wasting material and adding to landfills.

2. Striving for the Modern Farmhouse look

We know not all homes are the same when it comes to the unique decor that is Modern Rustic and certain styles work for different dwellings and we’re always looking for inspirations or those with incredible concepts and Chip & Joanna Gaines definitely fits the bill with their Modern Day Farmhouse

In an article from Gaines the one take away from our new tiles is simply this “Never Ignore Background”, and these tiles fit the bill perfectly, instead of just painting wall a certain colour… why not add a little modern rustic glow to it instead?

To see Gaines’ full article click here.

If barn wood tile is something you’d be interested in seeing installed or just bought right out of the showroom we’d love to take you on that journey!

If you have any questions or want to hear more about we offer visit us at our two locations

220 Stockton Ave #108 Okotoks, AB

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