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Our Story:

Open, unfiltered dialogue between two people can often generate some of the most abstract and innovative ideas, and so it is no surprise that Two Birds Furniture was a byproduct of such a conversation in 2013 between co-founders Clinton Pigeon and Robyn Brown. It was their rural roots and their innate desire to design & create that inspired their idea to pursue a company based on environmental sustainability and inherent rustic charm. Raised to appreciate quality craftsmanship and hard work, Clint and Robyn were dedicated to developing a company culture that revolved around the principles and ethics of their forefathers.

Recognizing that the local community lacked access to quality, custom made furniture, they embarked on an adventure that aimed to fulfill this need. With the growing popularity of products made from recycled materials, Clint and Robyn seized the opportunity to collaborate with their local communities. Removing barn-wood from rural buildings throughout Alberta gave them the exclusive resources they needed to create personalized furniture for hundreds of homes in the surrounding area. Not only do these reclaimed materials evoke conversation centered around environmental impact, but the authenticity of the wood itself is priceless in the history that it holds.

Our Founders:

And the team that makes it possible…

Last but certainly not least, our design partner… 

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