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Best of Beams

Our Countdown posts continue at Two Birds Furniture but now onto the next category.

This year we saw plenty of beams be built on our various projects in 2020 and there are plenty in the running for this year’s title of Best of Beams.

We selected our Top 5 using different criteria from the number of visits to the installed photo, the number of likes it received and the overall look of the beams based on our team’s eye, so without further adieu here’s our nominees and winner.

5. A simple but completed cladded beam over a kitchen sink makes it into our Top 5, it's amazing what a little barn wood can do in a home of any size.

4. This cased beam over a pool table brings that classic pool hall look into your own home using our Two Birds Furniture swagger... rack em!

3. A new style of beams made it into this year's countdown, as reaching the podium as this hewn beam in a living room really gives that modern farmhouse look while nestling in with a 2020 inspired drink and a good book!

2. Beams in the bedroom? You know it! This new build was inspired with some rustic beams in a new finish colour for 2020! Great to look up at before some much needed shut eye. Lined up on the utmost perfect angle makes this master bedroom standout

  1. Modern Farm House Games Room. It's going to be a quiet holiday season which means you'll need more things to do with your immediate family. Why not have a craft and games room surrounded by these incredible custom beams.

There you have it, the Top 5 beams selected by our dedicated team that pulled the product off the structures it came from to the final piece of quality control before they left our shop!

Keep you eyes peeled for our next countdown as we continue to name our top projects from 2020.

Are you getting ideas for your next renovation or like what you see on our beam countdown and are curious about having installed in your home?

If you have any questions or want to hear more about we offer visit us at:

119 Fisher Street Okotoks, AB


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